Written translation

We translate text from a variety of topics to and from many languages. Orders may be placed directly at the office or online, by email. In order to get a fast translation quote, take a photo or scan the text/document you need translated, attach a file in MS “Word”, “Excel”, “PDF” or another format and send it by email to: info@titras.lt. We will reply in 10 minutes with an acceptable price offer and translation deadline. We will return the translated documents to you in your preferred form: digital or printed. Translations online is an advantage of modern society when a translation is needed fast and in any part of Lithuania or the world.

Translation and certification of documents

We translate documents of various nature and translations are certified with the seal of the translation agency or by a notary.

If you need notarial certification of the translator’s signature, original documents must be presented to the translation agency. We consult on the matters of translating documents at our office in Panevėžys, documents may be sent from other cities and translations thereof are sent by registered post or using an express parcel terminal. The most common personal documents we translate are: personal identify cards, passports, driving licenses, higher education diplomas, maturity certificates, certificates of criminal records, certificates on declared place of residence, birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, incapacity for work certificates, or legal, medical, accounting and technical documents for companies.

Technical translations for companies

We provide translation of specialized texts, which are especially needed in the activity of companies. We translate technical, legal, financial, medical, commercial texts, equipment manuals, technical instructions, information publications, user manuals, booklets.
Translation of websites
Translation of individual web pages, company websites or online stores is nothing new to us. Lithuanian companies providing services on an international scale usually need their websites translated to from Lithuanian to English, German, French, Russian or Polish. Foreign businesses, able to find their niche in Lithuania need their websites translated into Lithuanian. Contact us if you need your web page, catalogue or blog article translated.

Delivery of documents

We will deliver translated documents to the address of your choice in Panevėžys or around it. A delivery and/or shipping fee may apply depending on your place of residence.