Editing of texts in Lithuania

Correct, accurate, quality texts are the first step to the success of a business. Using correct language shows respect to another person and is a sign of trust in us. Please contact us if you have any doubts regarding the quality of a text: grammar, syntax, style or corrections are needed. We edit advertisements, contents of online stores, artistic and technical texts. We provide individual linguistic assistance and consultations for every client; we seek shorter, more accurate or smarter sayings by cooperating with specialists of layout design and advertising.

Editing of texts in foreign languages

Our Translator-Editor will assist you if additional checks of a translated text are necessary. This service is relevant for translations of official and technical documents with not only many technical terms, but figures, tables and diagrams as well. The technical editing service ensures the consistency of terms, numbering and formatting throughout the text. Please use the indicated contact details if you need texts in English, German, French, Russian or other languages edited.

Editing of website content (SEO translation)

We can update, edit and recreate the content information of websites in Lithuanian and foreign languages. We apply the most common keywords for Lithuanian website content according to your area of activity, which helps improve the traffic of a website and its rating in Google search. When translating into a foreign language we select and use the best rated terms, keywords and phrases for such websites.