Translation agency “Titras” provides translation services of various documents to and from various languages. On your request all translations may be certified with the seal of the translation agency or by a notary. We may be able to carry out urgent translations, but this has to always be discussed in detail with the Project Manager, because such translation orders must be coordinated not only with the translator (especially translators of rare languages and translation specialists residing abroad), but with the notary as well. If you need translation of specific documents, not indicated in the following list, please contact our Project Manager – we will help you with any translation-related matters and offer favourable translation conditions.

Translation of personal documents

Passport, personal identity card, driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of criminal records, certificate on declared place of residence, family composition/marital status certificate, power of attorney, application, permission to travel abroad, consent, declaration, testament, certificate from place of employment, etc.

Translation of educational documents

Lower-secondary education certificate, maturity certificate, higher education diploma, annex/supplement, CV, attestation certificate, qualification certificate, academic certificates (certificate regarding studies, certificate regarding scholarship from higher education institutions), application for admission to university, certificates of language proficiency, qualification improvement certificates, diplomas, etc.

Translation of documents from medical institutions

Incapacity for work certificate, compulsory medical examination certificate, extracts from medical documents, specialists’ extracts, doctor’s certificates, personal medical history, inpatient treatment history, pregnancy and maternity leave certificate, outpatient treatment card, conclusions of MRI tests, etc.

Translation of work-related and accounting documents for companies

Registration (founding) documents, articles of association, employment agreements, employment certificates, cooperation and service agreements, contracts, authorisations, extracts from the Centre of Registers, certificates, licenses, attestations, purchase and sale agreements, transfer and acceptance acts, freight agreements, bills of lading, export documents, customs documents, declarations, financial balance and profit/loss statements, acts, protocols, applications, commercial offers, etc.

Translation of legal documents

Agreements, applications, statements, protocols, cases, procedural documents, legal acts, Apostilles, documents from law-enforcement institutions (police, prosecutor’s office, court, notary offices, law firms, bailiff offices).