Translation of the descriptions of goods and services

Companies commonly face the need for translation of the descriptions of their goods and services, which differ not only because of their specifics, scope, but also the purpose and manner of using such texts. Translators are usually applied to when the following is necessary:

  • translation of the descriptions of products produced and exported to a foreign country, adaptation to the market of the target country or public global online marketplaces;
  • translation of imported technological, industrial equipment or technical characteristics thereof, used internally by the company’s personnel;
  • translation of the descriptions of imported goods and products, adapted to local consumers and used in the online stores, websites of companies for publishing;
  • translation of the descriptions of services, which is usually associated with an aim to expand the scope of activity to foreign countries or the need to officially introduce activity or implemented projects to foreign clients and partners.

The translation process is different and different translation aims and requirements apply in every indicated case. For example, if translated descriptions of goods will be used: online, printed on labels, published or used internally by a company – a translator shall employ a different translation technique and strategy in every case. A translator working on translating descriptions of goods sold online also faces different tasks, therefore it is important to coordinate all associated matters and discuss individual or additional terms or expectations with our Project Manager when placing an order for translation of the descriptions of goods or services.


Additional services (you should consult our Project Manager about this)
  • recording of the translated text (descriptions of goods, instructions, etc.) in a specific format;
  • layout design and formatting of the translated text (identical to the original or other);
  • selection of special graphic and/or translation elements from a document, file or website/online store to be translated;
  • use of lexis, terms or glossaries, provided or preferred by the client, in the translation;
  • search and/or selection of terms (keywords) for search engine optimization (SEO translation);
  • recreation of the translated text (maintaining the main concept, but preparing a new text);
  • editing and adaptation of translation to a specific number of symbols or structure;
  • transcription of audio or video materials and/or provision of transcription;
  • translation using special translation software;
  • additional editing of translations


Prices of translation of the descriptions of goods

Please consult our Project Manager if you need descriptions of goods and services translated. The price of translation depends on any of the aforementioned and other aspects, such as the language combination, total volume of the translation, urgency, specific requirements for the translator. The price also depends on the number of repetitions in the descriptions of goods (a lower price is offered to regular clients if the text has standard repetitions, even if they must be maintained in the translation), additional work before, during or after translation. No matter what the client wishes are, we will always do our best to fulfil them and offer an acceptable price. Our aim is to keep clients satisfied with the quality and price of the translation.