Translation of technical texts

Translation of specialized text is usually generalized as technical translation. Translation of technical language involves many scientific areas and is especially complicated work requiring specific language, technical and technological knowledge, carried out by the best translation specialists with education is a particular field and experience of such work. In other words, medical documents and texts of medical nature will be translated by a medical specialist, instructions of medical equipment will be translated by a technical translator in consultation with a medical or pharmaceutical specialist, information technology and technical texts will be translated by specialists in IT and relevant technical fields (mechanics, chemistry, construction and engineering, architecture, logistics, environmental protection, agricultural equipment, automotive industry, etc.).


Especially high requirements apply for medical, financial, legal, business or technical texts, the correctness and consistency of terms, numbering, text structure and maintaining formatting is of great importance. We employ translation tools for technical translations and use translation software enabling us to maintain a database of technical terms. Technical translations usually require a longer deadline – time necessary for consultations with relevant specialists is taken into account, additional formatting or layout design is often necessary. Due to the aforementioned reasons the price of technical translation is usually higher.


The translators of “Titras” specialize in the following areas:
  • Translation of technical/mechanics texts
  • Translation of financial/accounting documents
  • Translation of commercial/advertising texts
  • Translation of medical/pharmaceutical texts
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of scientific texts/articles
  • Translation of information technology texts
  • Translation of environmental protection/green policy texts
  • Translation of logistics/automotive texts